About Us

Since its establishment in 1952, Relaxon, member of the Suhotoo Group, has been the pioneer leader in the manufacture of mattresses and furniture imports. We are now at our forth generation in this business well opened to markets across Mauritius and the Indian Ocean and very soon on large areas across oceans.

From the very beginning, we have started manufacturing mattresses based with coconut fibre and now we are using the latest technology to provide a wide range of mattresses based with coil spring, pocket spring, memory form and 100% latex based. During all these years we have put in our expertise and know-how so as to always remain at our customer’s expectation.

Relaxon supply mattresses to many group of hotels not only in Mauritius but also to the nearby islands in the Indian ocean. In Mauritius we are the uncontestable supplier of mattresses to namely Sun Resort, Nova Industries, Bagatelle, Airport Hotel Ltd & Constance Le Prince Maurice ….etc. However we also have many resellers for retail trade mattresses across Mauritius.

Furthermore, we also import furniture from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brasil amongst all and we have a wide collection such as bedroom set, sofa set, dining tables, office furniture and many more. We import on a wholesale and retail basis to such an extent that for some resellers we are the exclusive link for a specific furniture brand.

For our retail trade, we also offer ordering facilities to our customer enabling them to order a particular model from our catalogue according to their preference. Further to that a structured Hire Purchase system is also offered to customers wishing to pay by monthly instalments.

Relaxon welcomes you in its four showrooms across the island and our staff will be pleased to serve you.